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ʞounterpart + Trdlx – blue_sʞreen

A/V installation in collaboration with visual artist Daniel Glaser.

« The second work of the Feldversuch-cycle visualises the story of an idea. From the first sprout through its development, change and composition as far as its realisation. What will a complete, possible process look like? Will the idea expand or change during the process? Will it be influenced by technical occurrences? Will digital barriers be overcome? Will expectation and reality of the aspired goal meet in the end? – A partly critical, partly ironic view at the dealings with modern digital tools.

Visually, ʞounterpart is attending to aesthetic qualities of digital technique, software as well as digital dysfunction (i.e. Chroma Keying, Glitches, User-Interfaces, Compositing, Bugchecks). Opposites like men and machine or mind and matter are made visible by the aid of basic types of contrast plus both analogue and digitally generated elements.

The installation is acoustically accompanied by the Paris-based musicians and sound-designers Boris Haladjian and Thibault Csukonyi. Together, they are founders of the sound-design company Bend Audio Design, and also known under the pseudonym Trdlx. Their compositions equal wide-ranging sound scapes, covered by a fine web of complex patterns. In a constant flux of flow and suspense one immerses into a sea of Sound-Design, IDM and Ambient-Breaks. »

© All rights reserved to Trdlx and Daniel Glaser.